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What if you take your store to the customers' homes?
Take more value out of your stock.


What our customers are saying:


Customers want to try and buy clothes without leaving home?

Now they can try clothes, shoes and accessories at home, before buying.
Simbio•Bag allows fashion retailers to innovate and bring an incredible shopping experience to their customers.

Sell better

Offer comfort and convenience to your customers. Let them try clothes calmly at home before buying makes shopping more pleasurable and improves conversion rates.

Complete management

A complete system, allowing the retailer to create, schedule, deliver, and collect bags with clothes, customers can also pay online using our mobile interface.

Differentiate your store or brand

Innovate and bring an incredible shopping experience to your customers. Your brand will not be mixed on an online marketplace and will keep its personal touch with each customer.

Personalized shopping

Master the profile of your customers through their purchase history. Suggest new looks to old clients, capture new ones through email, Whatsapp and social networks.

Control and security

Pre-authorize customer's credit card payment, like a hotel, before send your products. Keep track of your stock on the clients. Visually monitoring of bags to send and collect.

Mobility and convenience

Customers select their products and pay on a mobile interface. They can also start shopping at a physical store and continue it at home, with more time.

With the success of sending personalized bags, our stock has been depleted before arriving at ecommerce. Now I will have complete control of the bags and the customer will have a simple way to make the purchase.

Renan Serrano

It is with #bagComas that we can take the brand experience to the homes of our customers, the launch of the Simbio·Bag greatly enhances this effect, bringing the precision, efficiency and simplicity characteristic of Simbio.

Agustina Comas

I am really impressed with this contact with the customer, with the willingness to meet the needs of my company. I'm identified with Simbio, for the minimalist design that speaks my language.

Raphael Dias